Who We Are


Our research supports a public demand for convenient and affordable recycling, yet not many have the time or resources to get the job done efficiently. Since 2008 Pierce Maintenance and Recycling, now known as GreenSpace Recycling, has been a "go to" for companies that are faced with recycling and waste obstacles. We are now well know for our unique ability to be a waste and cost reduction tool for the communities we serve.  We are very thankful to those that put their trust in our team which has lead to many long lasting professional relationships.

Celebrating 10 Years!

Since 2008, GreenSpace Recycling has grown by leaps and bounds.  We started off as a one-man show in Bend, Oregon and now employ nearly 30 people in three states.  Our business portfolio encompasses success in multi-family housing, HOA’s and commercial real estate including restaurants, shopping malls, movie theaters as well as medical and business plazas.

Acting as full-service recycling, janitorial and waste management company, GreenSpace Recycling’s service approach is convenient, clean and green.

Partnerships are available in the Bay Area of California, Spokane, and Tri-Cities of Washington and Bend, Oregon.

What We Do

Acting as a waste agent for property owners and managers, GreenSpace Recycling is responsible for addressing and resolving situations that could result in Hauler (garbage company) collection interference. Our team provides onsite separation of recyclable resources such as cardboard, glass, plastics, and metals; maintains curb appeal by sweeping and organizing waste enclosures and communicates with Hauler as needed. Sorting onsite has proven to be the most effective way to reduce client cost while supporting a healthy environment.

Our Mission

GreenSpace Recycling is devoted to exceptional customer service demonstrated by investing in and empowering our employees to safely and efficiently reduce the carbon footprint in the communities we serve.

Our Promise

The GreenSpace promise is to treat everyone we encounter with a warm smile. We believe that mankind and the environment are to be both valued and respected.

The GreenSpace process not only significantly reduces wasteful dumping in our landfills but also offers a helping hand to support a clean and safe environment at the property level.

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